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for general enquires please mail us at info @


We do enjoy hearing new music, but at least make sure you are at least familiar with the stuff melodic release. You would just be wasting your own money by sending us music that wouldn't fit in. We won't send it back, even if you enclose something to return it in!

There are 3 ways for you to send in demos (in order of preference):

1. Emailing us a link to your Myspace site.
2. 1 song under 5 meg in size emailed as an MP3.
3. CD in the post

If you are sending a CD, please do make sure your contact details are on it. You know how sometimes the shiney disc and the case lose each other…

Don't expect any feedback, we are busy people. If we like it we will be in touch. But there has been talk about maybe, perhaps getting some of melodic's current artistes reviewing stuff and posting their thoughts on this Web site…

Email demos for consideration to info @

Send demos for consideration to:

3rd Floor
14 Tariff Street
M1 2FF


If you have difficulty getting melodic releases, to find out the people who put our records in the shops in countries and territories around the world click here

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If you have a question concerning your melodic mail order purchases,
please email: info @ and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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