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Bus Bus Bus Bus
A Range

26 august 2002

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Rockpoolin' EP
Minotaur Shock

' Your E.P (in places) is sublime. Couldn't sleep last night so listened to the 1st half of the 1st track loads, didn't help me sleep it made me trip my bollocks off. Wicked. ' - Will Edwards, Bronze Age Fox & Minotaur's brother

Following up his superbly - and fittingly - titled debut LP Chiff Chaffs and Willow Warblers was never going to be a task accomplished by, in his own words, ' arseing about … and playing badly ', but that magic combination seems to have worked yet again on Minotaur Shock's 3rd EP, Rockpoolin'.

By day he's just Dave Edwards, Swansea University graduate, part-time inventor and drummer for Bristolian outfit Bronze Age Fox. Under cover of night he emerges as Minotaur Shock, sonic doctor for life's daily grind and purveyor of alternately soothing and challenging beats aplenty. And he's back to trip your bollocks off, too. With a name randomly invented on his MiniDisc player and a series of tunes in key with our cyber-café society, Edwards' alter ego deals in ethereal beauty concocted from unlikely sources.

The 26 year old originally got making music after ' borrowing an Atari off a Buddhist ' (and name us a man who wouldn't pass up such an opportunity) and claims modestly to be learning his trade with every successive release. When David's not remixing for the likes of Votel and Gough he's cooking up bars of woozy electronic delight, with the Rockpoolin' EP being his latest step out of the melodic workhouse and into your general ambiance.

The four new tracks perfectly meld electronica and folk, synthetic bleeps and warm guitar and are as refreshingly laid back as the man himself: ' I don't know enough about computers to make proper electronica … I don't really feel part of the scene at all '. If music is all about attitude, surely that's the very best way to approach such things. Let a little Shock into your life.

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