The Cool Greenhouse Announce Debut LP on Melodic

Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones, but The Cool Greenhouse are about to shatter glass ceilings with their self-titled debut LP.

Having caused a stir on the underground DIY label circuit with their inimitable, infectious brand of lo-fi post-punk in 2019, The Cool Greenhouse’s debut album shows off a newly developed, fuller sound, taking their signature style to previously unexplored heights while doubling down on their tried and tested formula of angular motoric riffs and no holds barred biting social commentary. The muffled 16-bit drum loops have been replaced with a full kit, the nonchalant vocal delivery has found a new edge and the sparse instrumentation has been augmented by the band’s finally agreeing to leave their bedrooms and enter the studio, yielding a fully-realised vision with fresh clarity and depth that makes their earlier recordings seem like mere blueprints.

A large part of what makes this a winning formula is frontman Tom Greenhouse’s way with words. Frequently topical and clearly political in some sense, Greenhouse’s lyrics side-step the on-the-nose delivery of traditional yawn-inducing political rock in favour of a strange idiosyncratic blend of pop culture snippets, patchwork narratives and oblique literary references. Bursting with humour and irony, the album deftly meanders from Rotary Club jumble sales to Margaret Thatcher’s living room to futuristic voyages into musical VR, taking aim at the gammon classes, rural conservatism and a host of other late-capitalist absurdities with razor-sharp wit along the way.

Produced and mixed by Phil Booth (Sleaford Mods) over a week at an old potato-packing warehouse outside Nottingham, the first track lifted from the record is ‘Sticks’; “a six-minute two-chord off-kilter fake punk onslaught for the discerning country gentleman” that comes with a corresponding video directed by the killer Simon Nunn with additional effects by Ross Pearson:

I wanted to make a thumping collage of elements of rural Britain that encapsulated the subtle madness that once can experience when isolated in the sticks, utilising rural signs and symbols that are usually considered innocuous or pleasant but can often actually become unsettling and disturbing. Adds Nunn. The rapid-fire editing and collage elements were inspired by pioneering experimental film maker Jeff Keen, and I was extremely humbled to gain permission to submerge some of his material into the video with special permission from his daughter Stella, the Jeff Keen foundation and the BFI 

* The Melodic pre-order comes on transparent green vinyl  and includes an envelope containing mystery seeds. The first person to germinate their seeds and send the label a picture of their plant will receive the original album cover painting by Tom Greenhouse! Cop a copy here