The Cool Greenhouse Share New Single Alexa!

Alexa! Is the Cool Greenhouse’s new single, the follow-up to their acclaimed debut album and, indisputably, the most powerful song ever made. Alexa! can phone your mum. Alexa! can set your alarm for ungodly hours. Alexa! is the first song in history capable of racking up its own streams and ordering copies of itself. Simultaneously a modern love song dedicated to the 14% of men who have found themselves aroused by their virtual assistants during lockdown and a characteristically sardonic investigation into the sly corporate invasion of domestic space, Alexa! is, above all, a stonker of a tune that further solidifies The Cool Greenhouse’s position as one of the most exciting and innovative bands around. Of their historic single, the band had this to say:

“Don’t worry we don’t need any press for this one just stick a bunch of virtual assistants in a room and get one of them to play the track it should be able to get to number one on its own eventually, cheers.”

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Bandcamp Vinyl 7" Small Template

– Eco-mix colour 7″ vinyl in spined 300gsm reverse board sleeve.
– Doubled sided square insert included, printed on 240gsm coloured card.
– Contains the b-side track ‘End Of The World’.
– Download code included.
– Expected to ship out late November.