Collection: Archie Pelago

Combining their various backgrounds in jazz and classical music with a common love for rhythm and the wide-open possibilities of electronic music, this trio from Brooklyn, New York are truly bringing a live element to club sounds.

In the studio they give prominence to their instruments, Hirshi playing Trumpet, Kroba on Sax and Cosmo D with his Cello. The melodies and rhythms formed via these jams are then sat atop deeply emotive patterns and textures made in Ableton…the end result is a merriment of jazzy electronica, at times made for dancing, and others for relaxing. Their music is as fit for home listening as it is for club use on the dance floor.

On stage though, the group innovatively combine DJ-style performances with live instrumentation, conjuring singular renditions of their original works as well as music that inspires them, often on the fly, improvising and establishing something altogether unique, but always invigorating.

Already cited as real originators by the wider electronic music press on both side of the Atlantic from; Pitchfork to DJ mag, Gilles Peterson to Mary Anne Hobbs, and with releases on their own label, Archie Pelago Music, Mister Saturday Night and now Melodic, its fair to say Archie Pelago have made a lot of people sit up and pay attention, and rightly so.