Melodic European Labels

The Melodic label was founded in 1999. After several years we realised we had something unique in our office in Manchester. The means to release, distribute and market overseas labels in Europe and also to fully promote their releases to the media.

Our idea has always been to offer labels outside of the EU a service that we wish we could have ourselves in other worldwide territories.

Melodic European Labels promotes records throughout Europe with the care and attention as if we’d released them ourselves.

We only work with a small number of labels and are flexible in how we work with each partner. We join the dots in the UK/EU, acting as your European office.

Areas We Can Help

UK / EU Press & Radio

We cover UK / EU online, print and radio, targeting all the relevant outlets throughout Europe dependent upon release. We have a dedicated person covering UK press & radio and another covering mainland Europe. We’ve a good history of results at both press & radio, with contacts at all major outlets.

View our recent press highlights here.

Recent press reports
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Cassandra Jenkins - An Overview On Phenomenal Nature (Ba Da Bing!)

Mail Order Fulfillment

Sending mail order from the US to Europe has become prohibitively expensive recently. We help with EU mail order fulfillment for all our labels, making savings for your customers with a faster service. We stock all the releases we work on in our Manchester office & mail out daily.


Over the years we’ve built up great relationships with the main UK & EU booking agents and festivals. We can help get artists in front of them when the time is right. In the event of a tour we can also be on the ground at live shows, helping with tour stock and getting merch manufactured ready for collection or delivery to the first venue.

UK Indie Stores / Marketing

We're in direct contact with all the UK indie stores & have great relationships with Rough Trade, Piccadilly, Resident, Drift, Norman and more. We aim to get stores pushing our releases on socials and in their newsletters.

We can pitch for special editions such as Rough Trade Edit and Dinked and always feed back press results to all sub distributors and stores. We also pitch for & organise other marketing opportunities that both indie & chain stores offer.

With a worldwide distribution deal the extra legwork needed for imported records in Europe is often overlooked, this is where we help to join the dots.

Digital Distribution / DSP Pitching

We have direct deals with all major DSPs & can ensure your music is covered across all of Europe. There is no third party aggregator so the fees incurred are very small.

If you're happy with your existing digital distribution, we have a strong network of EU contacts at Apple, Spotify, Tidal, Deezer & more and are able to directly pitch everything we work with to the relevant editors.

Physical Distribution

If you already have a worldwide distribution deal we can liaise with EU sub distributors; keeping them up to date with projects, sending one sheets, keeping an eye on stock orders, and feeding back promotional results.

If you're currently without EU distribution we have a strong physical network throughout the whole of Europe, with all stock being shipped from our central UK warehouse.

Distributors we currently work with include:
Proper / SRD / Forte / Redeye / Modulor / Big Wax / Morr Music / Indigo / Goodfellas / Heathen Natives / Konkurrent / V2 / Groove Attack / Munster / Border.

Sync Placements

We deal with a large network of TV supervisors and send them all our music directly. Tracks are being used regularly on BBC, Sky TV, Channel 4, ITV and more.

We also deal with multiple European sync agencies (any % fees from the agencies would be made clear with you first).

The sync landscape here is a little different compared with the US, many of our TV shows are covered by the PPL blanket agreement. This means that any tracks registered with the PPL are pre-cleared for network TV. Labels receive a fee (dependent upon factors such as how often the progamme airs, it’s reach and so on).

Neighbouring Rights Management

Neighbouring Rights are very important in the UK and Europe, it's a must to get all your tracks registered with the different societies so that royalties can be received from blanket TV licences, radio, and in-store plays. We can administrate the set up of releases with societies throughout Europe.

Listen to some of the releases we've worked on here: