Collection: Baikonour

Jean-Emmanuel Krieger was born in Versailles, France, the city that has also spawned Air and Phoenix. But it’s Brighton that he calls home and where the album was recorded, with Jean-Emmanuel playing all the instruments on the record bar the drums. Fujiya & Miyagi’s Lee Adams fills in there as according to Krieger, Adams has, “the strongest right leg in the business.”

Krieger began releasing music as Baikonour in 2001, naming his musical persona after the former Soviet missile base in Kazakhstan. He makes his music on computer, using emulations of classic ’60s compressors and EQs. As well as a large selection of vintage guitars, keyboards and effects spanning the 60s, 70s and 80s, selecting the correct one for the sound he’s after. “I’m nuts about sonic details!” he confesses.

“I hope people can take their time to enjoy my music, and not use the shuffle function on their iPod,” he has said. “I hope they just let their mind drift in space, let their ego dissolve and make one with the rest of the cosmos.”

The album’s title is written in Krieger’s self-described “accidental English” – the everyday misuse of the English language that generates exciting new words and phrases. The phrase “your ear knows future” was first uttered by the album’s Japanese sleeve designer Eiji.