Collection: Grenier

Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Dean J. Grenier, aka DJG, truly arrived on that Bay Area underground, dance music scene in 2006, with his first 12” ‘Shadow Skanking’ for Narco.Hz. That lithe, slick dubstep sound was immediately picked up, with plays on Rinse FM and by influential DJs like N-Type, quickly propelled DJG to the forefront of American Bass Music.

Grenier’s production style has always remained rich and welcoming, sometimes visceral but never anything less than evocative. Seen as something of a veteran on the America scene, Grenier’s self-released two-disc ‘Voids’ collection in 2010 further installed his clever grasp of dubstep and dnb. But it was the ambient soundscapes that made more than a few heads turn, and since he’s released on labels like Gilles Peterson’s Brownswood, Pushing Red and Surefire Sound.

His more recent productions see him moving in a more experimental direction, dropping the tempo and playing around with rhythmic structures that hint at soulful house, garage all imbued with the warm melodic embrace he’s always kept hidden beneath the beats.

With Forthcoming release on Tectonic, Photek Productions, Get Darker and a collaborative release on Frite Nite with Salva, as well as the collaboration on Archie Pelago’s album for Melodic, Grenier seems to have found a sound he is most comfortable experimenting in.