Collection: Howes

Even in an age established on artists who don’t feel the need to play instruments and creators who cut and paste, 19 year-old prodigy Howes already possesses a frightening amount of talent. With debut track ‘Asiko’ already embedded across the blogging internet, debut Melodic EP furthers on its vast promise. His is music of the mind; stylistically it takes root in the darker vespers of house music, its minimalist approach verging towards techno; but ultimately it acts as a sub-conscious portrayal of the editor’s nature of his brain, their rhythms and nocturnal sounds the wholes of an underlying complex DNA matrix of mutated samples and beats.

The 19 year-old draws his samples from a rigorously chosen volume of material. He’s been making electronic music since he was just 10 years old, and lists everything from Cluster and Can, Delia Derbyshire through to early 90s Warp and the Border Community as direct and indirect influences on his work – a product of our internet/iPod generation, music knowledge now uncorrelated with age.

He himself describes his music as evoking “getting home from a heavy night, getting comfortable and listening to weird records.” Weird indeed, but quite, quite wonderful.