Collection: King Of The Mountains

This solo project from Phil Kay, songwriter, keyboardist and producer of the brilliant Manchester experimentalists, Working From A Nuclear City, hones in on a more cohesive sound than that of his band.

Now based in London, Kay has utilised all his wisdom of bizarrely arranged electronics, and through King Of The Mountains, has channelled it into decidedly more dance friendly realms. With his direct four-to-the-floor yearnings oozing with sprawling rhythms looking for pathways out of their tightly meshed digital fabric, igniting the imagination, while offering woozy, half-light evocations.

As well as masses of electronics, live instrumentation still remains figurative within Phil’s work, he even went so far as to teach himself Saxophone in an afternoon so he could personally add in extra layers.

While his gear remains the same, though, Kay’s wandering mind is always in flux. “I have a sign on my wall that says ‘Is there another way?’ to remind me to think before I make decisions when writing. Just to stop myself from working on autopilot!”. Instead, he’s plotted an aural course that probes right into the heart of your senses.