Collection: Michael A Grammar

Michael A Grammar are three young men from Nottingham via Brighton joined by French born, Manchester residing, Clémentine Blue who took over from Daniel Ondieki after the Random Vision recording sessions. Their sound is informed by Ultimate Spinach, Stone Roses, Clinic, David Bowie, Roxy Music, Pink Floyd, Pixies and Broadcast (whose song Michael A Grammar gives the band their name). The band’s Facebook describes them as “the alien lovechild of too many sunny weekends spent indoors listening to Joy Division and Radiohead”.

Their debut Vitamin Easy EP, was written, recorded and produced over the course of a summer in hometown Brighton by childhood friends Joel Sayers and Frankie Mockett. “Much of the writing process was about experimenting with different sounds and recording techniques,” say the duo. “A lot of the sound is owed to recording in the cold, eerie rooms of a Victorian coach-house, as we wanted to use different spaces to bring an atmospheric sound to the songs.”

Vitamin Easy marked the first in a series of 12″ which will see the band take to the road. “Instead of the layered sound on the EP, our live set is heavier and wilder,” say the band, who interpret the synths and atmospheric electronics of their recorded sound with live guitars, drums and bass. They also employ visuals by friends Tom Stoke and Luca George, who supply Vitamin Easy’s stunning graphic artwork. Look out for a new EP coming early 2014