Collection: Outputmessage

Outputmessage may already be known to you thanks to his previous work on the Ghostly label. The tracks Bernard’s Song and Sommeil formed arguably the brightest moments on the Idol Tryouts 1 & 2 compilations respectively. And his remix of Dabrye’s Hyped-Up Plus Tax (2003) has become semi-legendary via turntables this and that side of the Atlantic.

We could be wrong, but the world might not be ready for this. While the pop kids are going indie and the rockers are trying to dance, listening to Outputmessage is something entirely in a league of its own. But, like rediscovering a lost love of old skool Detroit house, the last thing you’d expect is for it to come from a 22-year old Virginia based grad-student.

Like classic Kraftwerk, New Order, or Aphex Twin, each track is hypnotic yet seems danceable before melting into a sonic oblivion. Explains Bernard, ‘I love to dance so I like the melody to be prominent… its one of those things that connects all human beings regardless of genre-listening preferences. Bernard may be young but has had more musical tastes than a DJs record box and from dancing when he was a kid'(splits and crazy stuff’) to mum’s RnB, soul, pop and disco records, through the Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails college years to electronic, minimalist and jazz compsers, each aspect has fused together creating a helluva message.

‘The idea behind Outputmessage is projecting a message to the listener. It could be an emotion, colour, place etc. but every song has meaning to me so the message I’m outputting is a piece of myself”

A message you can work to, chill out to, and most importantly dance to – it’s what the world needs. We were wrong. The time for Outputmessage is now.