Collection: Paume

Currently residing in Paris, Hugo Billionnet aka Paume, is only 24 years old, making music for a mere 3 years. Hailing from a quiet suburb on the outskirts of the city, he began studying there at the age of 17 where his vision of music exploded; ‘I think Strawberry Jam was my first big shock.’ Like many who encountered this album the stark psychedelic flourishes programmed with machines challenged the idea of pop music allowing Paume to treat his own compositions in a more free-form style with each beat breathing and flowing away from the structural rigidity of Ableton.

Paume makes up a new era of Parisian musicians and party-starters sick of the cities overpriced wine bars and noise restraints who are reinventing what It means to be young in the city. Moving the party back into the shadows of the Eiffel Tower, back into the Suburbs, Paume says; ‘we have to find our own way to party. Something more ethereal, more groovy, more jazzy.’

I want my music to sound ethereal and punchy all at the same time’ he states. Gone is the strangeness that has been seen by others and here is Paume’s own humanised version – music that has no qualms about being an emotion-stirring and danceable blend of natural, organic sounds and electronic machine noise.

Paume released his debut EP ‘Transalpine’ with melodic in July 2014.