Collection: The Drink

The Drink came together when Dearbhla Minogue moved to London from her hometown of Dublin and overheard drummer Daniel Fordham and bassist David Stewart practising with their former band in the warehouse she shared with other musicians. She took them for her own and The Drink were born.

Through their use of bold syncopated rhythms, strange time signatures and complex structures, the Drink celebrate a Beauty though oddness with a love of artists from Joanna Newsom to The Breeders and Captain Beefheart. While many lose their sense of melodic direction labouring to create an intriguing experimental sound, The Drink never do, their boundless energy, reverberating basslines and unforgettably spontaneous fusion of American and English indie rock was enough for Rough Trade to take on their first two handmade EPs. Stocking an unsigned bands CD for the first time in recent history.

The band release Company, their debut album, in December 2014 on melodic.