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Lucky Pierre – Hypnogogia

Lucky Pierre – Hypnogogia

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Everyone hates insomnia and no one more so than Aidan Moffat. Lucky Pierre is the brainchild of many a sleepless night and the resulting failure of the music our hero tried to sooth himself to bed with. If the man himself is content with this musical remedy, which he certainly izzzz, then LP’s LP must be a success indeed.

Following on your work as one of the twin pioneers of Glaswegian radge-rock in Arab Strap can’t be an easy task. Aidan clearly has had other ideas, quite different ideas, and most of them comprise his solo project release via his alter ego, Lucky Pierre. Where Arab Strap reached out for the button marked ‘morose’ and nuzzled it forlornly, Lucky Pierre is as cheeky as its name suggests. ‘It was slightly more worrying working on my own’, admits Aiden ‘because then you’re the only one accountable for screwing up.’

Opening track Angels On Your Body was released as a 7″ on 27th May to high critical acclaim and a pleasantly surprising amount of radio and club DJ action, but as lullabies go, Lucky Pierre’s debut is sure to conjure up a strangely beautiful dream or two. Shatterproof is as far from opener Angels On Your Body as love from hate, dark thunderclouds instead of swooning strings, and The Heart Of All That Is twists us yet again with the patter of harps like the tugging of heartstrings. Ibiza Chill Out Vol 3008 this is most certainly not…

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