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Man Of Moon – Medicine EP

Man Of Moon – Medicine EP

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LP Edition

-180g heavyweight 12″ vinyl

-Reverse board outer sleeve. 

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“Medicine can be different things to different people; it can be good, bad, drugs, a cure, the answer or the problem.” Says Chris Bainbridge, one half of Edinburgh-based Mon of Moon when discussing the title of the band’s debut EP. Mikey Reid makes up the other half of the group who, at 19 years old, decided to quit college and pursue music, such was the deep-set sonic bond the two had made when fusing their ideas and talents.

In 2015 they released their debut single, led by the A-side of ‘The Road’, it was a gliding, motortik-driven piece of neo pop psychedlia, produced by Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan. Picking up a healthy dose of critical and fan acclaim along the way, the band had also pricked ears of other fellow Scottish groups, such as The Phantom Band and the Twighlight Sad, the latter of whom invited the duo on tour, twice. On this EP they return to working with Monaghan, “It was a lot easier getting takes down on this EP, we went into the studio more confident and ready to record again. After having worked with Andy before, it was easier to work with him for a second time.’ Says Bainbridge

It’s a confidence that shines throughout the EP’s four tracks. The shimmering psych glow of their previous material being developed into more structured, multifaceted, textured and slightly more aggressive songs, “We had been listening to a lot more heavier stuff before we went into the studio. It wasn’t intentional to make it heavier, we are still writing songs with atmospheric elements. This EP just represents the louder side of our music.” Whilst there are unquestionably louder moments there too are more sombre, quieter moments too, songs that reside in states of tranquillity and reflection, allowing gentle guitar lines to linger amongst the thick ambience of the production. Given some of the themes of the EP, such pace, space and occasional pathos is understandable, “The EP is about my family, my pals and loss. The sea is a running theme throughout music.” Says Bainbridge who grew up in a small coastal dwelling on Scotland’s East Coast. In the same way the moon influences our tides, the ebb and flow of the North Sea is a constant inspiration for the group.

Man of Moon are still in a formative state as a band but they already feel like they have slipped seamlessly into the rich lineage of British guitar music that precedes them, Medicine feels like the next step up the mountain, which only adds to the brimming sense of excitement and anticipation as to where this band will go next.

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