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Psapp is the collective experiences of Carim Clasmann and Galia Durant, a London based pair of anoraks whose mutual obsession with odd noises and heart-prodding pop has resulted in a sound that sneakily slips between genres, dabbling with electronica, and glitchy folk and jazz.

First there was the noise fanatic and self-confessed philistine Carim Clasmann, a veteran engineer and producer whose talents have taken him all over Europe working with the likes of Einsturzende Neubauten and Natacha Atlas.

Our amiable German geek met up with Casio enthusiast Galia Durant a year ago, sparking a fresh wave of creativity and ideas. Existing on a diet of strong tea, and even stronger cheese, they got to work in their toy-strewn Kings Cross studio, racing against an eviction order from the landlord.

The results are no less than magical, oblivious and also rather fun. Psapp has distilled this couple’s talents – Carim’s production prowess, Galia’s penchant for warm hooks, pretty high frequencies and quirky world musings.

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