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Cool Ghouls – Gords Horse

Cool Ghouls – Gords Horse

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A new EP from Cool Ghouls, delivered on MP3. Once you’ve paid via paypal and click back to the melodic site you’ll be able to download immediately from a link sent to your email address.

Cool Ghouls is a band who, just like society and the world itself, is constantly evolving and reacting. Hailing from the home of free love, San Francisco’s Bay Area, the left-leaning Californians having been dealing with the political change and rise of fascism. Only Grey finds the band providing the perfect antidote for San Francisco’s current state of mind; it’s a real-life soundtrack about the American neo-liberal society through its own cosmic psych rock language.

Recorded at band’s practice space in San Francisco’s decommissioned naval shipyards in Spring 2017 by Cool Ghouls. Gord’s Horse forays into Baskersfield honky tonky and features some new instrumentation like acoustic guitar, mellotron,` a drum loop, and “other shit”. Mastered by Mikey Young (Total Control / Eddy Current Suppression Ring)

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