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Dark Dark Dark – What I Needed

Dark Dark Dark – What I Needed

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…perhaps Dark Dark Dark’s true accomplishment here is how they mix sounds and influences so effortlessly. They comprise a tight, intuitive unit, especially when the instruments swirl together into an otherworldly eddy of sound.” – Pitchfork

“…like a statelier Mazzy Star, dark in all the right places.” – Uncut

For those who simply can’t get enough of the meandering piano lines and ethereal sounds of Dark Dark Dark’s latest album Who Needs Who, Melodic is proud to present three stunning, brand new tracks released especially for Record Store Day in the UK.

Each one a band favourite held back for a special occasion, these are songs from the Who Needs Who recording sessions deemed worthy of their own distinctive place. Recorded in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown between band co-founders Marshall LaCount and Nona Marie Invie, each song remains as personal as the work you’ll hear on the Who Needs Who LP, but finds small departures to explore.

On the single, ‘What I Needed’ , Nona steps forward and sings in a way usually reserved for The Shangri-Las, her coy choir behind her, and the band doing their version the 60’s.  Sweeping romantic melody and chilling vocals still in tact, listeners are reminded of what makes the Minneapolis quintet so exceptional.  Next we’re treated to the wistful ‘Love Lies’, the song Nona deems her best ever. Heavenly yet heartbreaking, it reflects a bittersweet realisation that all things happen for a reason, coming over like an undiscovered Mazzy Star-Beth Orton collaboration whilst ‘I Collect Things’ drifts loosely in homage to friends.

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