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Department of Eagles – Romo-Goth

Department of Eagles – Romo-Goth

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‘As cult as a Basil Kirchin, as screwed as a Kid 606 and as folky as Woody Guthrie, this weird, masterful album will confound your expectations at every turn’ – Dazed & Confused, album of the month

‘it’s charismatic, coherent and up there with more-publicised albums as one of the best of the year.’  The Telegraph

‘makes Gorillaz look like Shed Seven. Inspired.’ – 4.5 / 5 The Fly

‘From full-on indie-rock anthem Romo Goth, to the early Beasties rap tribute of Forty Dollar Rug via Origin Of Love’s lounge piano ballad with a seductive hint of Steppenwolf, this is one walk on the musical wild side which won’t leave you wishing you’d worn more appropriate footwear.’ – 4/5 Mojo

‘…sounds like Radiohead remixed by Fourtet’. – The Guardian

‘As the folk and the electrics clamour over each other for attention, genres collide and collude in a quietly breathtaking display that will make perfect sense to ernest young headphone wearers everywhere.’ – 4/5 Independent On Sunday

‘Department of Eagles are the dynamic duo of Daniel Rossen and Fred Nicolaus. Hailing from Brooklyn NYC, the pair create a riotous mishmash of Radiohead, the Beta Band and Dangermouse, and weld it all together with a sense of fun and joie de vivre.’ – 4.5/5 DJ

‘The Cold Nose is the work of two irreverent Brooklyn boys, Daniel Rossen and Fred Nicolaus, whose dual regard for sad eyed rock and sample strewn mayhem renders this a companion piece for two contrasting albums – Kid A and The Avalanches ‘Since I Left You.’  Uncut

‘Eclectic is an overused term but The Cold Nose is one of those dizzying records that defies categorisation in the best sense’ – 4/5 Metro

‘Fusing rock and electronics seamlessly, The Cold Nose comes across like an excellent mix-tape, lurching from hip hop to tender ballads, but never straying from a cohesive excellence.’ – Music Week

‘Surprisingly enjoyable leftfield hip hop/ lo-fi rock crossover album that produced by the guy behind The Killers.’ – 8/10 Vice

‘It’s Nick Drake meets Ninja Tune string-scrapes held together by great songs and clever use of samples with each tune going least where you expect it.’ Mixmag

‘Inventive and darkly beautiful, this New York twosome toy with every genre, from wistful indie romance to haunting beats and samples Portishead would die for…’ – 5/5 Notion

‘…repeated listens reveal this as a quietly delirious little gem.’ – Plan B

Oh yes, showing off time – a reminder of the brilliant The Cold Nose album released at the end of last year. Department Of Eagles are a pair of 23-year olds who conduct their operations from Brooklyn, NYC. Once-roommates and college pals Daniel Rossen (vocals and guitars) and Fred Nicolaus (beats and samples) are the dynamic duo and have been pouring together ideas for years now . Romo-Goth / Sailing By Night is the first single to be taken from the album and features remixes from Tunng (Mike from Tunng explains, ‘i loved the song , it gave me that shivery feeling… and i love the fact that it kinda had 2 distincts parts to it… in my version i wanted to blend those parts more taking the last melody and replaying it on clarenette and banjo to give it a more campfire vibe….’) and Daedelus (‘Department of Eagles to me is a musical singularity in the sense that they mix effortless melody and chaotic arrangement, all the danger of giving the kids the keys to the candy store with none of the stomach ache. So for my remix of “Sailing By Night” I’ve endeavoured to just stay out of the way and tease the taffy (so to speak) to a messiness unprecedented.’).

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