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Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Primary Colours

Eddy Current Suppression Ring – Primary Colours

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…reminiscent of Can – or, perhaps, of The Fall at their most Can-indebted.’
4 stars Uncut

Melodic is proud to release a special double CD edition of Eddy Current Suppression Ring’s Primary Colours (their most recent album) and their eponymously titled debut. Primary Colours opened to rave reviews and sold-out shows Down Under, with first week sales putting them at number six on the national album charts. It went on recently to win the Australian Music Prize (their equivalent of the Mercury Music Prize). So now it gets its first full UK release as a double album with the addition of ECSR’s debut, Eddy Current Suppression Ring album also.

Eddy: ‘Eddy Current Suppression Ring started around four years ago in the office of my old work, Corduroy Records with my brother Danny and two of my favourite friends, Brad and Brendan. We recorded some songs, put out a 7” and played a show. People liked it more than we thought and when people like what you do and you like what you do, it makes sense to keep doing it. So we played more, recorded more, put out some 7”s and an album, made some friends, played some festivals and toured interstate and overseas. During this time we managed to write a bunch of new songs…’

‘Our new LP Primary Colours was recorded in early August last year down at Sing Sing in South Yarra, Melbourne on our trusty ½ inch 8-track tape machine with the the help of our pal, Lachlan Wooden. A few songs were recorded late on the Friday night, with the rest on the Saturday. We even went in and did some ‘overdubs’ on the guitar, the piano and the synthesizer on the Sunday. Nineteen songs were recorded in all and after some friendly discussion, we decided these were the best ten. We then toured the US for three weeks and came back and I mixed it over the first half of the summer in my bedroom.’

‘Musically to me it sounds a bit more ‘82ish than the ‘76ish sound of our first LP, slightly less frantic and maybe a bit more palatable. There is a lovely little love song called ‘Wrapped Up’, our stadium power ballad ‘Colour Television’, and we have filled our mind numbing keyboard quota with th Banana Splits-inspired ‘We’ll Be Turned On’. We even have an instrumental where Brendan makes his debut on the synthesizer. This gives us a chance to show off our finely crafted jam band chops.’

‘Primary Colours as one of the new songs that was left off the LP but we thought it was still a nice title.’

Brendan: ‘You can make all the colours in the universe by mixing any of the three primary colours, red, yellow and blue together, but if you mix them all together at the same time you get brown. That’s pretty cool. We painted a picture with our music and hope you enjoy it.’

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