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The Longcut – Broken Hearts

The Longcut – Broken Hearts

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The Broken Hearts EP is the latest release from Manchester’s sonic boom boys The Longcut, following last October’s acclaimed Open Hearts album. Headed by the album’s title track, the cunningly titled, seven-track EP is a collection of Longcut tracks remixed by friends and contemporaries, each shining a spotlight on a facet of the three-piece band’s intense, layered sound.

Opener Open Hearts appears in a new, short, sharp and lean re-edit, which removes the track from the context of the album and places it firmly on the dancefloor. Says singer Stuart Ogilvie:

“Open Hearts is really one of the most emotionally naked songs we’ve released. It’s a confession of sorts, a sadness and regret at having the chance for something beautiful, but throwing it away out of carelessness. We were interested in using the dance floor as a metaphor for a relationship, putting a story into the context of the sensations of being surrounded by intense light and sound, and the deep connections you feel with those around you.”

The remixes follow, beginning with former single Repeated, which has been reworked into an electro stomper by Lisbon’s Woman In Panic. Tell You So takes on trippy, Beta Band-style vibes courtesy of fellow Mancunians The Earlies and Open Hearts appears in menacing, bass-heavy form remixed by Borland.

Completing the EP, Wrexham’s electronic wizards Gallops turn in a glitchy dub of Tell You So, rising star Toro Y Moi gives Repeated the chillwave treatment and Washington’s Outputmessage – the recording name of one Bernard Farley – chisels Open Hearts into a killer house track.

“Each track is completely different, but it’s really come together as something that can be listened to from start to finish, as a record that makes sense as a body of work,” says Stuart. “I love that each of the remixes is very contemporary and also edgy, without resorting to gimmicks, or trying to distance themselves or the original song too far from the listener. What I mean to say is, they all kick ass.”

As the remixers have been busily working their magic, the band have been hard at it on their next album, which is still under construction in their Salford HQ. “It’s been pretty full-on, so expect some dark experimental epics,” says Stuart.

The band are also set to perform their first live shows of the year so far, and it goes without saying that Longcut shows are always a breathtaking event. “Expect a load of old favourites, one or two new tunes, and the usual feedback and intensity,” says Stuart.

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