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Working For A Nuclear Free City – Rocket EP

Working For A Nuclear Free City – Rocket EP

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It’s psychedelic dance music for a generation that prefers liquor.’ Pitchfork

‘Like listening to a hipster jukebox as the past moves in and out of focus.’ Mojo

Following their critically acclaimed, eponymously titled debut album, the ever-prolific Working For A Nuclear Free City are set to release four brand new tracks as the Rocket EP. In WFANFC’s world, there are no constants. The album found favour with fans of dance music, electronica and indie for its wide-ranging musical styles and textures. The Rocket EP looks set to do the same, encompassing loose, Beta Band-style grooves, neat Krautrock touches and even a spoken word intro (Shangri-La’s, eat your heart out).

‘Rocket was recorded at our friend Julian’s in Wilmslow,’ says guitarist Gary McLure. ‘His mum has a grand piano so Phil & I decided to go down and sample it. When we couldn’t come up with anything, we were just sitting around and I was strumming Julian’s acoustic. Phil noticed the chord pattern I was playing and said, ‘Why don’t we just record that and see where it goes?’ The basic ingredients came together pretty quickly but Phil didn’t want to finish it at all at one point. It took about 12 hours and 12 litres of cider.’

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